Welcome to Tactical Shooters Alliance

The TSA was created as a training outlet/competition for recreational and defensive minded shooters. Unlike similar shooting sports, TSA was created as an attempt to create the most realistic and tactically sound shooting scenarios while employing the use of a primary and secondary weapon system. It requires participants to focus not only on completing a course of fire per instructions and under a timer, but to find the balance of speed and accuracy, while utilizing two different weapons in compliment of each other under real world gear loads and arrangements.

The result of this method of competition allows participants to enhance their focus and problem solving ability in an environment that forces them to account for multiple variables, just as they would in the real world. Competition aside, it is our goal at TSA to make people better shooters. We are all students, and TSA is the outlet for us to share our collective knowledge about defensive shooting, tactics, and handling mechanics so that we may all benefit and advance our ability towards a common goal, to become better, disciplined shooters.